Thursday, June 4, 2015

How to Get Gout Relief at Home - 9 Easy Steps

Did you know you can get gout relief
right from the comfort of your home? Read on to learn how you can cure
your gout and start getting gout relief today, it’s easier than you
probably think.


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    Eat fruits like cherries and pineapples. This can
    greatly reduce your gout and ease your pain considerably. You can even
    use cherries that have been frozen. This is a great convenient way to
    keep constant, affordable and year round access to cherries to ease your
    gout. If you have access to fresh cherries these are theoretically much
    better since they’ll maintain their nutrients better and gout relieving
    compounds, but frozen works as well. Also canned pineapples and
    pineapple juice can help ease your pain by ingesting daily to help
    reduce inflammation.

  2. Get Gout Relief at Home Step 2.jpg
    Stay hydrated. That’s right, plain old’ water can
    actually help drastically in easing gout and causing future gout
    symptoms. Gout happens due to build up and crystallization of uric acid
    around the joints. This can be greatly reduced and made less likely to
    occur in the future if you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. A
    great rule of thumb is to replace half of your daily liquid intake with
    water instead of juices or sodas or alcohol, or follow the 8x8 rule:
    drink eight ounces of water eight times a day.

  3. Get Gout Relief at Home Step 3.jpg
    Eat grapes. Grapes are high in a certain alkaline
    that can help lessen the acidity of uric acid and make build up of the
    acid less likely to occur and help in elimination from the body.

  4. Get Gout Relief at Home Step 4.jpg
    Learn what foods can help. Certain foods can help
    neutralize the uric acid levels in your blood. In particular
    strawberries, nuts, grains, and seeds will all neutralize uric acid.
    Berries that contain significant amounts of vitamin C and minerals are
    recommended to help relieve gout.

  5. Get Gout Relief at Home Step 5.jpg
    Try Hydrotherapy. This can be another useful gout
    relief remedy. This is particularly helpful with pain. Running cold
    water over the afflicted area or if available soaking the area can help
    temporarily relieving pain by reducing swelling and the burning

  6. Get Gout Relief at Home Step 6.jpg
    Makeup a compress comprised of juniper oil. This has
    been found to be very beneficial to many gout sufferers. Placing this on
    the affected area will help break down the toxic deposits.

  7. Get Gout Relief at Home Step 7.jpg
    Take activated charcoal in small doses. This will help reduce the uric acid levels in your bloodstream.

  8. Get Gout Relief at Home Step 8.jpg
    Try Devil's Claw. Devil’s Claw is another
    anti-inflammatory that can help ease the pain. Devil’s Claw was first
    brought home by the colonists to help relieve arthritis. The plants
    large roots were used to help reduce pain and fever. Be advised if you
    have Diabetes or using a blood thinning medicine do not take this herb.

  9. Natural remedies for Gout: It is possible to reduce
    the Gouty arthritis pain with the help of natural remedies like Ayurveda
    and Homeopathy. Herbs (used in Homeopathy and Ayurveda) are known from
    many centuries to alleviate pain from Gouty arthritis. Herbs play an
    important role in Uric acid metabolism and as anti-oxidants and treat
    the basic pathology of inflammation. Scientific research on following
    herbs have proven their efficacy in reducing gouty arthritis pain. These
    herbal remedies are generally safe and without any harmful effects.
    • Curcuma longa,
    • Tinospora cordifolia [1],
    • Emblica officinalis,
    • Terminalia chebula,
    • Terminalia bellerica,
    • Commiphora mukul,
    • Zingiber officinale,
    • Vitex negundo,
    • Tribulus terrestris,
    • Withania somnifera [2],
    • Berberis;
    • Colchicum

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